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Nothing is more important than supplying our customer with a quality product that we ourselves would be proud to purchase. Vector Signs Inc. produces the highest quality of work for signage of all types. These are some of the Signs we make:
• Short Term Coroplast
• Cheap Cost Effective
• Lawn Signs
• Construction Safety Signs
• Aluminum Composite
• Acrylic
• Foam Core 

• Crezon Plywood   
• Hard Board 
• PVC / Styrene
• Aluminum Blanks
• Parking
• Warning
• Safety
• Large Format Printed Vinyl
• Vehicle Lettering
• Wraps
• CNC Cut Vinyl Lettering
• Vinyl Installation Services
• Walls
• Windows
• Doors / Mirrors
• Backlits
• Trucks
• Cars
• Vans
• Reception
• Lobby
• 3D Post Mount Letters
• Banners
• Retractable Banner Stands
• “A” Frames
• Side Walk
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Fleet lettering and wraps for vehicles of all shapes and sizes in your fleet. We do all the work in house at our creative studio and production facility. We can accommodate vehicles 19 feet high by 36 feet long.We work from your design or create the design to maintain your brand character on the road.

All your vehicles and equipment including:
• Cars
• Vans
• Trucks
• Transport
• Trailers
• Fleet



We can do anything your imagination can dream up.



How much will it cost?

  All our pricing is based on square footage. This includes the type of material you choose; how much labour is involved; how long you need the sign to last; and how many you need. Our goal is to fit you with the right product, so we’ll ask questions like:

What are you using the signs for?

How long will you need the signs to last?

Where will the signs be installed or used?

Do you have artwork prepared?

     Artwork and Setup time is an additional fee over the square footage cost. We try to help with this as much as possible, given our more than 30 years experience in design and layout. We can design most signs in and about 20 minutes, but more elaborate designing takes more time. We can work from whatever stage in design you are currently in. We charge $89.60 per hour for artwork and break that into blocks of 20 minutes to be fare.

What’s it made from?

There are so many materials available for cost-effective signs today. List We will make suggestions and explain the materials we know will fit your needs. Each will have it’s own unique quality to add to your sign.

How long will it last?

We have produced signs that are still around since 1990. LINK PIC Or we have sign materials available that are more cost-effective for short-term use. We can explain these material in more detail once we know the application and your expectations for your sign. We always try to exceed your goal and expectations

How long will it take?

 Most signs don’t take too long to produce. We carry most materials in house, but depending on the product, it can get used up quickly. If artwork is needed it may take longer, depending on what stage of the design process you are in. We have a rush or ASAP policy, and can push things through if needed.  This incurs a 10% fee, depending on the job. There are a few exceptions, and there are times where we are not able to meet a very short deadline. Apologies in advance for that. Our turn-around is, in most cases, three days once artwork is approved and how many signs have been ordered. We can make a lot of signs for customers.

How can I save money?

   This is a good one. If you want to save money we can help. Have a clear idea of what you want. If you have artwork, send it to us so we can have a clear idea of what you expect, or find an example online that gives us a your direction.

Be straight with us about what you have and need: The more information we receive, the fewer questions we have while quoting will make your quote a more concise  and this usually ends up in your favour. We have a lot of customers to keep happy, and time is tight so we like to move production through quickly and without hassle. These steps will really help.

    We do our best to help save you money, but many costs for this stuff is what it is. Our goal, more than anything, is to share information and help find the right solution for your needs.

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